Itinerary Reference: STB No: 22

Longido Cultural Tour Programme.

Welcome to the extensive plains around longido mountain, where you can experience all facets of traditional Maasai culture and spot rare birds and animal

Experience real maasai culture through:

Walks to the refuge of birds, like weavers , sunbirds, barbets and turacos.
A climb to the impressive longido mountain, throung a dense natural forest.
Walking saafaris through the Maasai plains and over the slopes of Longido mountain.
Slip tea in a maasai boma and again insight into the culture and daily life of the maasai.
visit the historic sites from british colonial times.

The profit will be used to improve primary education facilities in Longido.


Half Day Tour

You make a “birdwalk” on the Maasai plains from the town of Longido to the bomas of Ol Tepesi. The maasai guides will help you to spot many colourful birds and also show you trees and plants that they use for making food and medicines. At Ol Tepesi , which is the maasai word for acacia tree, the guides will invite you to the maasai boma and show their traditional way of life. Since it is known that the cultural tourism sponsored the cattle dip and is now investing in the primary school, you always get a warm welcome . Back in Longido the guides will explain to you all the things you always wanted to know about Maasai culture.

Full Day Tour:

The one day tour adds a walking safari from Ol Tepesi to Kimokouwa , a long narrow maasai cattle trails, that winds over the slopes of Longido mountain. In two hours time you gradually climb from the plains at an altitude of 1200 metres to a view point at 1600 metres. On clear days you have a beautiful view of mount kilimanjaro and Meru , and once you have arrived at the north side of the mountain you can oversee the Maasai plains deep into Kenya. The last hour you descend to Kimokouwa’s green valley of wells’. Nearby you can visit a historic British grave. In one and a half hours walk you can reach a jeep road where a car drive you back to Longido centre.

On Wednesday you can extend you stay with a visit to the bustling colourful cattle market.

Climb-Longido Mountain

Tourist with strong legs longing for adventure can climb the 2637 metres mountains.

Day 1

The first day you walk to the campsite of Kimokouwa.

Day 2.

Guided by Maasai warriors you leave the campsite early in the morning and follow narrow footpaths through a dense natural forest. After three hours you arrive at the marvelous ‘Dawa ya supu’ (medicine soup) view point. From here you will follow trails created by buffaloes to reach the top in other two hours climb. With loud cries the Maasai warm the buffaloes that peoples are coming to avoid dangerous encounters.

The view from the top are simply unbelievable. On Clear day you can see for more than 200kms and view all mountains of Northern Tanzania. The descent of the steep mountain is another challenge. in three hours time you arrive in the campsite, have a rest and in another hour and half you reach a jeep road where a car is waiting for you. In the evening you can enjoy a meal with the Faraja Women’s group.

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Kioga Cultural Tourism Experience.

Itinerary Reference: STB No: 23


Guided tour – criss – crossing coffee and banana farms to the top of Ol-donyo sapuk “Wide” hill-Panorama view point.
Trekking from Arusha to Marvelous Themi water falls.
A view into the culture of the Maasai/waarusha tribe of to date – a welcome to dung-glued bomas with natural roof on top, get inside , see how people share a room with their animals such as cows , goats etc.
Walking through Mt. Meru plantation and natural forest on higher slopes, enjoy the tropical vegetation of this mountain in its natural state.
Mountain bike safari across the country side.


Village Half day tour – 3 to 4 hours.

-Start from coffee plantation at our operation centre where the Umoja w omens group will give you a warm welcome tea or coffee; you will get explanations on how many steps it take to grow, pick, dry,roast and brew fresh aromatic coffee and participate in the progress yourself.

-Next tour to Lesino Boma, He is the member of Ilarusa from the Maasai tribe but living in the village of Kioga. You are encourage to enter into his boma to learn more about maasai lifestyle, his six wives as well as his daughters and sons will greet you warmly , taking picture is allowed.

-Venture to the holy fig tree to – learn about the Maasai belief, Thousands can gather to sacrifice a black sleep for various favour as advised by community Chief.

-Hike to the top a Oldonyo Sapuk(Wide) hill passing “Medicinal” plants, used by the Maasai healer. Once you have reached at the top , experience breath taking view of the surrounding villages and plains.

Full Day village tour and Themi falls 7 to 8 hours

Please see the half day package above for details, One you reach Oldonyo Sapuk, walk towards plantation forest and enjoy the beauty of the river that travels to Arusha for drinking water , turn right of the trail , and hike down a steep slope to the canyon. One in canyons depths , hike up the canyon for about 30mins until you reach it mouth. Here a waterfall greets you after the many streams crossing of the trail; follow the same trail back to Arusha, Remember you are going south with Mr. Meru at your back, you will find yourself again amongst coffee and banana fields.

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The meeting place is mount Meru hotel and we start the tour from there you will meet a guide and bikes

The area for biking is known as ngiresi village it’s found in the slope of mount meru. We start in the area of populated people going slowly to cover the village its about 7 km in 4 hours cycling on the way it’s possible to see the following : banana farm, sweet banana, coffee plantation ,people , cattle’s milk and experience of the people who lived there in the village and on the way also there is a business going on of selling sweet banana by the woman who lives in the village


The people use the same culture like Maasai people but they are waarusha,the house is like maaasai boma, they also use cantles milk as a culture from maasai but this cattle is not like domestic cattle it produces only milk. Also the tour around the village takes like 1 hour to complete a tour

It’s possible going to the big waterfalls with bikes so we use the same way but the distance and time will change and be as the following

Distance from mount meru to the big waterfalls is about 12 km
Time: 5 to 6 hours cycling

The time to start is around 8:00am to 8:30am, this is because of the sun burn

Things to take on the way

–sleepers or saddles

-sun glass.


-lunch box.

-swimming clothes

We recommend a client to choose bikes for cycling before we leave the place .

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